Our Story


Every journey has its potholes. For us at Eco Touch, it is the sight of plastic waste marring our beautiful planet. Across the globe, we generate a staggering 300 million tons of plastic waste annually. Of that, plastic straws are one of the top contributors. Discarded after a single use, they pollute our environment for hundreds of years, drifting from place to place and harming our wildlife.


It was from this realization that Eco Touch was born. We believed in the power of personal change, striving for a straw-free lifestyle. But the single-use plastic straws always found their way back to us. We understood that change needed to go beyond the individual. It needed to be embraced by businesses too.


So, we set out on a mission to provide the “perfect” straw: biodegradable, disposable, and made from locally-sourced natural materials. The answer was simple, yet revolutionary: Rice. A renewable resource with multiple crops annually. Unlike the decades it takes to grow trees for wood pulp-based paper straws, rice was abundant and sustainable. After rigorous research and testing, we created Eco Touch’s rice straws – fully natural, entirely biodegradable, and safe to use. Our straws can last up to 3 hours in drinks without getting soggy, unlike paper straws.